Creating the Financial System of the Future with Stellar Blockchain: Upcoming Events

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The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) will hold a discussion on May 6 at 2:00 pm Central Time about how companies are developing blockchain solutions in Latin America and how they are managing the ecosystem, democratizing access to financial services for users, developers and local entrepreneurs.

In recent years, blockchain technology in Latin America has moved from being a concept and a potential idea to supporting companies and start-ups that are creating solutions with positive effects to deal with problems related to inflation, expensive remittances and financial exclusion in the region. 

Who isn’t aware of it yet – Techstars Blockchain Startup Weekend in Mexico City will take place the weekend of May 20-22. The SDF-sponsored event offers a unique opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs and developers to join forces with the blockchain community and drive innovation for businesses in Latin America. 

Stellar Development Foundation and other participants

Ahead of Startup Weekend, register here in time to join the next SDF event on May 6, featuring startup teams:

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  • Settle, which operates cryptocurrency payment infrastructure in several countries;
  • Vibrant, a cryptocurrency wallet widely used by Argentines.

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