Stellar wallet features

There's no need to complicate things – was designed as the easiest way to transfer money online, and that's what our XLM web wallet does.

We wanted to build not just any wallet for XLM, but the best Stellar wallet on the market. That's why your security was our key priority. Our Stellar wallet is 100% non-custodial. Your private key always stays in your possession. Many other XLM wallets are custodial, meaning that you have to entrust your private key to them. This can seem convenient, but it's also highly risky. If the company's server gets hacked, your key will fall into the hands of criminals – together with your lumens.

Focusing on your security

With our Stellar web wallet, you retain full control over your funds – as well as the responsibility for your key. When you generate a new wallet, you'll be provided with a key and seed phrase. Save them in several copies in different locations, preferably offline. The best way is to print them out and keep them where you can find them – but nobody else will.

Designed for daily use. Our goal was to make a simple and elegant wallet that you will want to use every day. It's not overloaded with unnecessary features, unlike many other Stellar wallets. Everything you need is on the same screen, and any operation takes only a few clicks or taps. Even if your internet is slow, you'll find that our XLM web wallet performs perfectly.

We've also invested a lot of effort into responsive design. Our web wallet looks and works equally well on any screen size. Generate a new wallet now and check for yourself!

For developers

If you are a blockchain developer, you should take a close look at Stellar, too. You can write smart contracts on Stellar, just like you would on Ethereum. In fact, it's much easier and cheaper to build complete dApps on Stellar. Any Stellar-based asset can be stored and used in our lumen wallet.

Creating a new asset takes only a few minutes and is virtually free. You can launch a new blockchain project and raise funds using our web wallet. This is the easiest way to crowdfund a company!

Why lumens?

XLM is one of the world's top-20 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – and also one of the fastest. Transactions usually take a few seconds (never more than 15 seconds). Compare this to at least 5 minutes Ethereum and up to an hour for Bitcoin. Each XLM transfer costs just 0.00001 XLM, regardless of the size in bytes. This makes Stellar a perfect blockchain for micropayments, fundraising and smart contract deployment.

If you are looking for a web wallet to hodl your cryptoinvestments, then our web wallet is a great option. XLM is strongly undervalued right now, and its potential for growth is huge. So you'd be wise to buy some XLM, transfer them into our web wallet and store them for at least 6 months. Everyone is talking about investing in Bitcoin, but an investment in XLM can be a better and cheaper choice!

Paying for products and services

Thousands of businesses already accept XLM as a payment option. With our web wallet, you can pay everything – from web hosting to design items.

Create a new wallet now and discover the easiest way to store and transfer your Stellar lumens!